COVID-19 Update

The wellbeing of our residents and staff is our utmost priority, and we do not take our responsibility to protect against COVID-19 lightly. While the Governor’s order does take steps to re-open business in Florida, our mission to protect our residents remains our priority. Many of our residents are considered “high risk” for contracting the virus. Therefore, we will not be able to welcome visitors back into our facility at this time.

As an assisted living facility, we are still mandated by CMS to restrict visitation. The greatest COVID-19 risk comes from the movement of persons into and out of our facility, so until we receive further clarification from CMS, visitation restrictions will remain in place. In the meantime, we will continue to evaluate our residents’ health statuses and needs. We will warmly welcome visitors as soon as the Florida Department of Health, Florida Agency for Healthcare Association, and our Governor believe it is safe.

We are very sorry for the prolonged disconnection with family members. We understand this is a difficult time for our residents and their families, and please know we are dedicated to keeping you connected with your loved ones during this time. We are still here to facilitate phone calls or video chats.

If you would like to schedule a phone call or virtual call with your family member, we encourage you to reach out at the following link or call (352) 567-6500 during regular business hours Monday – Friday.

Thank you for your support and understanding through this challenging time.